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Lipocura: Your specialists for the treatment of lipedema

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Lipoedema treatment: Our mission is to improve your quality of life!

That is why we pursue a holistic treatment approach. Besides liposuction, lymph drainage and compression are important pillars of lipedema therapy. We stress the importance of taking time to talk with you about your wishes and needs. We would like to offer you the opportunity to fully trust us. That is why we attach particular importance to a calm and relaxed atmosphere in our Lipedema practice.

We inform you comprehensively about the disease and all treatment options for lipedema. From diagnosis to therapy to aftercare after a liposuction: With us, you as the affected person are optimally cared for right from the start. Through our many years of experience we have acquired comprehensive know-how on the disease – Lipocura stands for specialized specialist knowledge and expertise in all aspects of lipedema. Furthermore, it is our primary goal to increase your quality of life in the best possible way so that you as a woman feel comfortable in your body again.

Together with you we will draw up an individual treatment plan and explain the individual steps in detail. So you always know exactly what happens next. After the treatment we accompany you further on your way and stand by your side with words and deeds. Our large network enables us to provide you with information of particular interest to you, from lymphologists and physiotherapists to lifestyle topics relating to lipedema. We also advise you on the financing options for liposuction.

As a Lipedema specialist in Munich and Münster, you are in the best hands in our practice. Sound training and further education as well as many years of experience form the expertise of our experienced specialists: Dr. Dominik von Lukowicz, Dr. Katrin Lossagk, Dr. Michael Sauter, Dr. Peter Leuthner, Dr. Bettina Demal, Mr. Ingo Röder, Dr. Sebastian Michel and Mr. Apostolos Siafliakis and Dr. Christian Belay.

Together with our practice team and our Lipocoach® Mrs. Pia Kellner, we would like to support you fully in the treatment of your lipedema and are always there for you if you have any wishes or questions.

Give us a call and come to us – we look forward to seeing you!