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Dr. Dominik von Lukowicz, Dr. Katrin Lossagk, Dr. Michael Sauter and Dr. Peter Leuthner including their practice team, are the specialists for lipedema treatment. The focus of the practice in Munich is the well-being of the patients.

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Lipocura is your Lipedema specialist in Munich. We have many years of experience with the disease and can provide our patients with comprehensive advice and treatment. Many women suspected of suffering from lipedema ask: Which doctor treats lipedema? As plastic-aesthetic surgeons, we can perform liposuctions to remove the altered fatty tissue. Phlebologists can clarify vein diseases that have to be treated in advance. If, in addition to lipedema, there is a problem with the thyroid gland, a visit to the endocrinologist may also be necessary. As you can see, lipedema is a multifaceted disease that often occurs together with other diseases. We pursue a holistic treatment approach and accompany you on your way to a better quality of life.

Dr. von Lukowicz: Treating lipedema

The course of lipedema disease varies greatly from person to person. Compression and regular lymphatic drainage can already improve the symptoms and make everyday life easier. In order to permanently treat symptoms such as thick legs, pain or cold feeling in the legs, the altered subcutaneous fatty tissue must be removed by liposuction. Once removed, fat cells do not usually regenerate at the suctioned site and you can regain your quality of life.

Our Approach

As a patient, you are the focus of our attention. True to our philosophy, we are your trusted partner to whom you can always turn with your wishes and worries. We accompany you on your way and do everything to improve your quality of life.

Dr. Dominik v. Lukowicz

He is an experienced lipoedema specialist and offers liposuction at the highest level. As a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, he has dedicated himself entirely to the treatment of lipedema and therefore launched Lipocura.

Dr. Katrin Lossagk

Dr. Lossagk also specialized in the diagnosis of lipedema. She is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and conducts the initial consultation and all examinations. As a woman, she can respond particularly understandingly to you and your wishes. With her you can open up and let your feelings run free.

Dr. Michael Sauter

The second strong man in the team of doctors is also a specialist in liposuction for lipedema. He has acquired a lot of expertise and know-how so that you get the best possible aesthetic result. It is his goal to improve your quality of life.

Dr. Peter Leuthner

The third man in the team has specialised in body shaping and aesthetic surgery and is also a specialist in medical needling.

Dr. Bettina Demal

Dr. Demal is very familiar with lipocura and lipedema. As senior physician for anaesthesiology in our Iatros Clinic, she has been accompanying our patients for years during and after their surgeries. The care and consultation of lipedema patients is therefore particularly close to her heart. We are pleased that Dr. Demal is also available on Saturdays to assist our patients with advice and support.

Our Team

In addition to our team of doctors, our employees also look after you with great commitment and empathy. Whether on the phone or in person at reception: We are always ready to listen to you and do our best to look after you holistically.

Our Practice

We want you to feel comfortable with us right from the start. In a quiet and pleasant atmosphere you should openly address your problems so that we can provide you with the best possible support. We give you time and space to deal with the disease.

Patient Experiences

Here you can find out more about how our patients experienced liposuction by our experienced doctors. With these first-hand reports we would like to give you an impression of what we can achieve with a liposuction.