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Approach & Practice Concept

Your health and quality of life are at the centre of our work. You are the focus of our work. The foundation for successful treatment is the trust between you as a Lipedema patient and us as specialists in this field. That is why it is particularly important for us to listen to your needs right from the start and to accompany you along your journey. Our goal is to pursue a holistic therapy of lipedema and by doing so increase your quality of life. Liposuction is an important part of this, but further measures such as compression and lymphatic drainage are nevertheless inseparably linked to a comprehensive treatment approach.

For every surgical procedure you need a high degree of trust in your practitioner – but trust takes time. Therefore you can rely on our fullest attention, discretion and individual support right from the first contact. Dr. Katrin Lossagk has a lot of experience in dealing with patients suffering from lipedema and will respond to you with particular care and understanding. She will conduct the initial consultation, make the diagnosis and explain in detail what you need to know about lipedema and treatment options. Dr. Lossagk can fully understand your wishes and needs as a woman and understand your point of view.

We take sufficient time for examinations and consultations and plan together with you what the best treatment looks like for you. Once you have decided on liposuction, Dr. Dominik von Lukowicz, Dr. Michael Sauter, Dr. Peter Leuthner, Dr. Sebastian Michel and Dr. Christian Belay will perform the procedure. All doctors are experts in the field of liposuction for lipedema and have many years of experience. You can place your complete trust in our surgeons and place yourself in their experienced hands.

We take care of you right from the start and you can rely on us to respond individually to your wishes and always have an open ear for you. We accompany you holistically on your way – from diagnosis to aftercare after liposuction. Our goal is your quality of life! Mrs. Pia Kellner supports us in this as a LIPOCOACH®. She is a former lipedema patient herself, knows about your fears and worries and can therefore support you in any way needed.

Use our contact form or make an appointment online. You can also contact us by telephone at any time. We look forward to getting to know you and will be happy to assist you.