Dr. Peter Leuthner | Lipocura München

Dr. Peter Leuthner

Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

After completing my studies at the Technical University of Munich, I began my career as an assistant doctor in the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, Burns and Hand Surgery at the Munich-Bogenhausen Hospital. With Prof. Milomir Ninkovic, I benefited a broad education across the field of plastic surgery, with a focus on reconstructive and burn surgery. After my recognition as a specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, I developed my skills in breast surgery and wrinkle treatment with Dr. Luise Berger and PD Dr. Mathias Aust. From this experience, my knowledge of medical needling advanced significantly, along with therapy with PRP (platelet rich plasma), as well as autologous fat treatment.

In autumn 2018, I was invited to join the LIPOCURA® team. The specialisation in the operative therapy of lipedema inspired me from day one. Thanks to the vast number of surgical procedures at the highest level, we have succeeded in achieving an incomparable level of expertise. Offering patients a new quality of life through liposuctions, laser and surgical lifting is hugely impactful, and often life-changing. I am delighted to be able to pursue this as a career. We accompany you on the way to your new self!