Dr. Katrin Lossagk | Lipocura München

Dr. Kat­rin Los­sagk

Medical Director

After my studies at the Technical University in Munich, I completed a six-year general surgical training with a focus on vascular surgery and the additional qualification of investigator for clinical studies.

In 2008 I moved to Aachen to the teaching hospital of the University of Aachen, where I completed my training as a plastic and aesthetic surgeon in four years. Subsequently, I worked as a plastic surgeon in a purely plastic surgical practice with a focus on limb and breast reconstruction with own fat in Murnau.

My broad knowledge of vascular diseases and my many years of experience with liposuctions, surgical needling and autologous fat transplantation are the cornerstones with which I have specialised in the treatment of lipedema in Dr. von Lukowicz’s practice since 2014.

Within the scope of my work as a clinical trial investigator, it has always been my concern to investigate the causes of lipedema and the breakdown of the hormone situation in lipedema patients and to improve their quality of life.

After one and a half years of surgical treatment of lipedema patients and numerous skin tightening treatments with the Surgical Needling, I have now specialized entirely in the care of our lipedema patients. I accompany you from the beginning on your way and carry out the initial consultation, the examinations and the diagnosis. I have gained a lot of experience in dealing with patients and developed a deep understanding of their needs. I respond to your wishes with a lot of sensitivity and empathy.

We at LIPOCURA® specialise in the treatment of lipedema. We follow a holistic treatment approach and are completely adjusted to lipedema. We treat all stages of lipoedema and have developed through years of experience skin tightening methods by laser and Surgical Needling after large liposuctions.

Come to us and rely on our expertise. We accompany you on your way and also look after you after the liposuction. Our goal is your quality of life.