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Here you can see what our patients say about us

We have collected a few statements of our patients whom we have treated for lipoedema. Of course, we are always at your disposal, should you have questions or be unsure what treatment is right for you.

Lipoedem & liposcution: experiences

A very satisfied lipoedema patient is happy to pass on her positive experience and has set up a contact email address for women who are interested in contacting her:

We would like to point out explicitly that we have nothing to do with this directly, do not read emails and cannot influence answers.

Patient voices regarding our surgery and doctors

Patient on jameda in March 2016 regarding her treatment of lipoedema

It really couldn’t be better!

Dr v. Lukowicz carried out two operations for lipoedema (arms and legs).

I had consulted several colleagues because of my lipoedema beforehand and immediately gained the highest confidence in this surgery. I am a physician myself and therefore probably see all of this more critically than a “layman”.

The entire team (starting with the incredibly friendly and warm welcome by his assistants with the contributing factor of being treated to coffee to his two great doctors and the boss himself) is simply great.

Waiting times are practically non-existent as the appointments are organised perfectly. Although I had quite a long drive, I always got my preferred appointment. The surgery makes quite a posh impression, but all doctors are incredibly nice and natural. Personally, I think it’s great to meet doctors in jeans/private attire and not in impersonal white coats. It minimises the distance between patient and doctor from the beginning.

I received very thorough and extensive information, the medical background is tremendous, and I really appreciated that the hormone status was taken into consideration, as it does not play an unimportant part with lipoedema. None of the previously consulted doctors had brought up this subject. The introduction helped me gain a very good impression of what was coming regarding the operation; pain etc. is not glossed over, but still my fear was alleviated due to the competent and warm manner.

You can always reach somebody, even outside surgery hours. I was merciless when I bombarded Dr Lukowicz’s doctor with emails – I got an immediate and very friendly reply every time, even when she was on holiday. When I didn’t get in touch, she asked me herself whether everything was okay.

What also helped me a lot was the contact to a patient who had already been operated and who had provided her email address on the surgery’s website.

Patient on jameda in February 2016 regarding her treatment of lipoedema:

Liposuction because of lipoedema

I had 3 liposuctions because of lipoedema. I am very satisfied.
Dr Lukowicz and Dr Lossagk always took a lot of time to talk everything through with me and I am very happy with the results of the liposuction. The entire team at the surgery is always very friendly and helpful!!
Ich can really recommend this surgery!

Patient on jameda in November 2015 regarding her treatment of lipoedema:

Very trustworthy, top results, highly recommended…

I felt very comfortable in the surgery from the beginning on. I hadn’t been aware of my illness for a long time, but after a first consultation I finally knew how to deal with it. So as not to rush into anything, I was recommended to wait for another year and observe the development over time. After another appointment, I decided on the operation. The course of the operation and the support were fantastic and the results are excellent. I am completely satisfied and had the summer of my life.

Patient Sabine on Facebook in June 2016 regarding her treatment of lipoedema:

I would like to use this way to say thank you very, very much… all of you, for being there, and especially Dr Dominik von Lukowicz… Thanks to him, I have become a completely new person! He did not only give me a new body, but self-confidence at last. After 4 operations, everything is now perfect for me. The scars remind me of how grateful I am for every single step. So, again, thank you so much, you are probably one of the best doctors for us!!!!

Patient Ruth on Facebook in June 2016 regarding her treatment of lipoedema:

My practically non-existent tummy still needs a little time, but the results are wonderful. I now wear trousers size 38 instead of 4244, and tops size 34⁄36. But what is more important: my gait pattern has changed completely, knees and feet are not painful any more, and I don’t have to live in fear of no longer being able to pursue my career because of lipoedema. I am really looking forward to the running exercises and my new life, altogether, and am very happy to have come across Dr von Lukowicz

Pati­en­t in Octo­ber 2015 on jameda:

Professionally and personally a wonderful doctor with a great & congenial team

Dr Dominik von Lukowicz and his colleague Dr Lossagk are not only extremely friendly people, but also very competent doctors. For me, this is my number-one doctor and I trust him completely. I have had 2 liposuctions (lipoedema on arms and legs) with him so far (April and June 2014) and another one (stomach/back) is pending. If you have been to him once, you will not want to go anywhere else – his great results speak for themselves.

In my opinion, he is one of the best surgeons for lipoedema in Germany, who also makes sure his surgery is “gentle” to the body (as far as that is possible) and considers matters carefully. People here don’t make meaningless promises; instead, everything is treated in an honest and professional manner. If you are still unsure: make an appointment with him/Dr Lossagk and you will be convinced. I can warmly recommend both doctors 100 percent. Last but not least, his entire team is just great (thanks, Dana!) and the anaesthetists in the IATROS Klinik are very competent and the nurses took really good care of me.

Directly after the operation, I was a lot fitter than other patients suffering from lipoedema who had undergone surgery elsewhere. This might be very individual and vary from one person to another, but I’m convinced that an experienced anaesthetist and surgeon play an important part. Both operations have already changed my life and I can only recommend patients to decide on an operation with Dr von Lukowicz if anybody has any questions: I am happy to provide details from a patient’s point of view!

Pati­en­t in April 2016 on jameda:

I’d do it again any time, but only with HIM

I can warmly recommend Dr von Lukowicz and his team.

The surgery is great and contact is very professional and caring from both sides. Patients receive a warm welcome and are looked after and everything is very discreet. In my opinion, appointments are organised in a way that patients don’t have to wait at all and are almost alone in the surgery. Discretion is realised noticeably, at least that is what I experienced.

The doctors don’t try to talk you into anything; instead, they inform you about all possibilities and prices (preliminary talk is free and without commitment) and then you can take your own time for deciding – with the documents that you have taken home – whether you want to do the surgical procedure.

But when you have decided in favour, it was definitely the best decision to put your trust in the hands of Dr Lukowicz and his girls. Simply great work, even my gynaecologist was speechless for a while.
On the day of the operation, I found the phone call at night especially charming. I was just asked how I was and if everything was okay. An absolutely lovely service that I wasn’t expecting.

In brief and as mentioned above: “I would do it again any time, but only with Dr Lokuwicz and his team!

Thanks, you are just great!!!

Frequently asked questions

Please find the fol­lo­wing lipo­edema check­list and our frequently asked questions (FAQs) to cla­rify the most import­ant ques­ti­ons about lipo­edema. We are happy to ans­wer any fur­ther ques­ti­ons you may have by phone.