Lipedema: To which doctor?

Family doctors and general practitioners are usually the first point of contact for complaints that cannot be assigned. Since the initial symptoms and characteristics of lipedema are rather unspecific, patients are often sent home with the hint to exercise and lose weight. However, since lipedema is not caused by obesity, such measures do not lead to any relief. As a result, patients are understandably frustrated and doubt themselves.

To give you a clue to the question “Do I have lipedema?”, we have developed a self-test. Especially in the early stages, the symptoms can be unspecific and indicate an ordinary weight gain. If you suspect that you have lipedema after the test, consult a specialist as soon as possible. The patient should be familiar with the disease, be able to diagnose it and develop an individual therapy. These include lymphologists, phlebologists and plastic-aesthetic surgeons who can also treat lipedema surgically. Interdisciplinary therapy, which includes conservative treatment methods such as lymphatic drainage and compression in addition to liposuction, often leads to the best results.

Good to know: In some cases, patient’s veins are also affected. Depending on the symptoms, it should be clarified whether lymphedema is present in addition to lipedema. This causes protein-rich fluid from the lymph vessels to enter the surrounding tissue clefts and causes even more swelling. Therefore, in suspicious cases an examination of the veins should always be carried out. We evaluate each case individually and determine the necessary and targeted therapy in consultation with the patient.

If you are unsure whether you suffer from lipedema, come to us! We have multiple years of experience in dealing with this sensitive topic and can respond to our patients with sensitivity and understanding. We recognize your illness and can help you regain an aesthetic body image.