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Our new genetic study on the cause of lipedema

We ask for your support in a genetic study on the cause of lipedema

There is a high number of undiagnosed lipedema patients with complaints and suffering. The “Lipedema Research Munich” working group offers a clinical examination and blood tests for patients as part of a screening. Once the diagnosis has been confirmed, the blood is drawn. Due to anonymous processing, you will not receive any results of your blood evaluations.

The examination is carried out by the plastic and aesthetic surgeons Dr. von Lukowicz, Dr. Lossagk and Dr. Sauter, each patient receives a doctor’s letter and subsequently a tube of blood (venous) is taken by an experienced doctor, which is then anonymously sent to the laboratory of the technical university for examination. In order to obtain a meaningful result, as many test persons and blood samples as possible are required.

Further information can be found in the information letter at

The maximum number of participants for the study has already been reached!

Therefore we are unfortunately unable to accept any further registrations.

We would be pleased to send you the results of the study and inform you about the latest developments in lipedema research.

Study on the development of lipedema

The practice of Dr. Dominik von Lukowicz is conducting research into the causes of lipedema in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich and under the direction of Professor Machens. Assistant physician Anna Bauer is in charge of the investigations in the laboratory and thanks to her great commitment and outstanding achievements she has been able to acquire research funds from the US Foundation for Lipedema. The results to date have already been presented at several congresses worldwide.

Through numerous hormone examinations in lipedema patients, Dr. Lossagk was able to determine that there is a recurring pattern for a hormone-reactive event, which was then confirmed by Mrs. Bauer in her examinations.

The “meaningless number of studies” always mentioned by the health insurance companies was also a motivation for the two surgeons to initiate a large-scale study on the quality of life of lipedema patients.

The investigation here is certainly still in its infancy, but Mrs Bauer and Dr. Lossagk are certain that meaningful results can be expected due to the high patient numbers of Dr. von Lukowicz and the samples obtained through his operations.