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Lipoedema is mainly recognizable by an increased subcutaneous fatty tissue, which is usually first distributed on the hips and buttocks (riding trousers) and, as the disease progresses, finally affects the extremities (legs and arms). The distribution of fat on legs and arms can vary greatly from person to person. Some patients suffer from fat proliferation in the upper or lower leg (or upper or lower arms), in others the entire leg or arm is affected. If the fat is evenly distributed over the entire leg, one also speaks of the so-called column leg. In addition to aesthetics, physical stress also plays a role. The severity of the symptoms of lipedema varies from person to person. If the disease is not treated, lymphedema can also develop over the years.

Body areas where lipedema may occur are sorted by decreasing probability:

  1. Legs (thighs, calves, knees)
  2. arms
  3. Above the buttocks or at the buttocks
  4. tummy
  5. chin
  6. bosom
  7. nape

Feeling of tension, pressure sensitivity and pressure pain

A strong feeling of tension often occurs and the sensitivity to touch continues to increase – not to mention the limitation of movement that is associated with heavily swollen legs. Pressure pain is caused by the accumulation of water in the fat cells. The increase in volume exerts pressure on the surrounding tissue and creates tension. Consequently, the skin reacts painfully to contact and pressure. The further lipedema progresses, the stronger the symptoms can become. Legs, arms or hips can then also hurt without pressure and the circumference increases.

Bruises (hematomas)

The skin of lipedema patients tends to bruise very easily. The reason for this is the impaired capillary permeability of the blood vessels. This makes it easier to push liquids through the vessel wall into the surrounding tissue, as well as red blood cells. Thus, even slight impacts lead to bruises.

Psychic stress

The psychological aspect should not be ignored either. Because in most cases fellow men do not recognize that the concerning suffers from a Lip?edema and the fat cushions did not develop due to predominance and lacking discipline.

Other symptoms

  • aches
  • cold feeling in arms and legs
  • heavy feeling of legs and arms

Not all signs of lipedema occur simultaneously or to the same extent. Especially in the first stage, when lipedema usually causes only riding pants and rarely severe pain, a diagnosis is particularly difficult. Lipoedema is often only recognised when the disease spreads and the symptoms get worse. As specialists in lipedema, we have a lot of experience with the disease and can also determine at an early stage whether you suffer from it. The skin affected by lipedema feels soft. Often the finest blood vessels can be seen under the skin

The symptoms of lipedema, such as pain or heaviness, get worse in certain situations:

  • Warm Weather
  • sauna
  • Standing for a long time
  • Sitting for a long time
  • in the evening

Good to know: sauna and steam bath are generally not recommended for patients with lipedema and lipolymphedema, as the heat produces more lymphatic fluid and the lymph vessels work simultaneously at a slower rate.

The severity of the symptoms of lipedema varies from person to person. If the disease is not treated, lymphedema can also develop over the years. This means that lymph fluid cannot flow out of the tissue, causing swelling to increase even further.

Lipedema, no matter at what stage, is always a major burden. The changed appearance as well as the pain lead to a high suffering pressure, which strongly impairs the quality of life. But with the right therapy and useful tips and tricks we can help you and accompany you on your way.