Liposuction & skin tightening

To achieve an aesthetically pleasing overall appearance, we can tighten the skin after liposuction with Surgical Needling or a laser treatment. We perform both procedures under general anesthesia before and after liposuction.

For many years we only had the possibility of surgical tightening if the skin was no longer tight after liposuction in the case of pronounced findings. The price was often a new operation, longer absences and often unsightly scars on the inner thigh and upper arm sides. Corrective interventions often followed in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. Thanks to the latest laser technologies, we can now achieve enormous successes in streamlining: Completely without scars, extended downtime or a new operation and corrective interventions.

Lipoedema Lifting: Surgical Needling

Patients whose skin has been stretched by lipoedema or who have stretch marks can benefit from Surgical Needling. This type of tightening is a good solution for slightly pronounced findings. With the help of needling we can stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, so that the skin tightens again within six months. The stimulation of the collagen fibres is achieved by very fine needles, which are brought under the skin.

Laser treatment after lipedema surgery

For pronounced findings, laser therapy with the Triplex SmartLipo laser is significantly more effective.

Laser tightening is performed directly after liposuction under general anesthesia. After the operation, our patients do not experience increased pain due to the laser treatment. Slightly increased swelling may occur. You will see the first improvements immediately after the procedure. Final results can be seen after six months, as the body needs this time to rebuild collagen and elastin.

Lipedema: FAQs

Lipedema raises many questions for patients. How does the operation work? Can conservative therapy replace liposuction? When will I be fit again after the operation? Who’ll pay for it? We answer these and many other questions in our FAQs.