Laser treatment after liposuction

For many years we only had the possibility of surgical tightening after liposuctions if the skin was no longer tight after the suction in the case of pronounced findings. Frequently, a new operation had to be carried out, which was associated with longer downtimes and sometimes unsightly scars on the inside of the thighs and upper arms. Corrective interventions often followed in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. Thanks to the latest laser technology, we can achieve enormous success in streamlining, completely without scars, prolonged downtime or a new operation and corrective interventions. The laser treatment is performed in unison with liposuction in one operation.

Laser treatment after lipedema surgery

Laser therapy with the Triplex-SmartLipo-Laser is very effective for pronounced findings. Laser tightening is performed in unison with liposuction and under general anesthesia. After the operation, our patients do not feel any pain due to the laser treatment, however a slight swelling may occur. You will see the first improvements immediately after the procedure, with final results visible after six to twelve months, as the body needs time to rebuild collagen and elastin.

How does the laser work?

After liposuction, we use laser-assisted lipolysis to stimulate the formation of new collagen and tighten the skin, as well as subcutaneous fatty tissue. A thin probe is inserted under the skin. The probe contains a laser fibre that delivers energy directly to the fat cells and the subcutaneous tissue. Tightening is primarily achieved by heating the tissue.

The great advantage of laser treatment is that the procedure is minimally invasive and is performed through the openings already present through liposuction. In addition, this procedure can achieve a tightening of the skin and tissue, which liposuction alone does not offer. For our patients, this means that a surgical tightening operation is often not necessary if the skin is more slack.

Advantages of laser treatment

No additional scars occur due to the minimally invasive application. With the help of the thin laser fibre, the sagging connective tissue and the subcutis can be specifically tightened and healthy skin layers do not have to be destroyed. With the Triplex-SmartLipo-Laser we can perform an effective skin tightening without surgery. We use up to three different wavelengths to achieve the best possible result.

Further information on laser tightening

What has to be considered after the laser treatment?

As in liposuction, the treated tissue temporarily swells and hardens. After the operation, a compression treatment should be carried out for six weeks due to the liposuction performed. In this way, the tissue is relieved and can swell. Lymphatic drainage can additionally accelerate the healing process. Laser treatment does not require any special after-treatment.

What adverse effects can occur?

Haematomas are rare or very rarely spotted overheating symptoms. However, these are extremely rare due to the constant temperature measurement by the special probe.

Laser as a sensible alternative or supplement to Surgical Needling?

Surgical needling, like lasers, is an alternative method of skin and tissue tightening that can eliminate the need for surgery. Needling works in the superficial layer of the skin while the laser also reaches the subcutaneous tissue. The laser treatment can therefore have a greater skin tightening effect than the Surgical Needling.

Is it still possible to have a surgical tightening after a laser lift?

A surgical operation to tighten skin and tissue is a final solution with permanent scars. For this reason, we always prefer alternative tightening methods such as needling or laser. If the tightening result is not sufficient due to the minimally invasive measures, a surgical procedure can also be performed later.