Skin tightening after liposuction

In order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing overall appearance, we can tighten the skin with Surgical Needling during liposuction. This is a skin regenerating and firming therapy, meaning that we can improve the structure and appearance of our patient’s skin. A further advantage of this method is that you do not have to expect permanent side effects or risks. It is a natural method of correction. You will not see anything of the skin-improving procedure except an improvement of the appearance within a short time after the treatment.

Effect of Surgical Needling

The effect of Surgical Needling is based on activating the body’s own regeneration mechanisms and forming new, healthy skin components – especially the protein collagen, which gives your skin firmness and elasticity. The end result, however, takes some time. You can therefore not expect the desired improvement to take place immediately. It takes several months until the natural renewal processes of the skin are completely completed and the Surgical Needling has reached its maximum effect.

In order to trigger the regeneration processes, we generate thousands of punctiform bleedings in the Surgical Needling. The bleeding acts as an information mediator: it gives the skin cells the signal to release the body’s own growth factors and to produce collagen. In this way we can also treat deep and large scars. Since we work with very fine needles during the Surgical Needling and the skin immediately closes again, the bleeding stops as soon as the treatment is completed.

The bleeding does not lead to complications or persistent pain. However, in the first days after the treatment, the consequences of this bleeding and the intended healing reaction may appear on your skin. Usually the skin after a Surgical Needling is strongly reddened and a little swollen.

Good to know: Since this is a natural procedure, a Surgical Needling can be repeated as often as desired. The prerequisite is that the skin had enough time to regenerate between two procedures.

Procedure of Surgical Needling

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Surgical needling can only be performed under general anesthesia and is performed directly before liposuction. Your surgeon drives a scooter with very fine needle tips with pressure over your skin. Initially, small punctual bleeding occurs, which increases during the course of treatment. For the best treatment result, we continue the treatment until an extensive bleeding occurs through many thousands of small punctures. This decreases as soon as the treatment is over. Your skin is then cleansed of blood and oiled with a soothing vitamin lotion that promotes healing. After the operation, you may feel a light burning pain similar to sunburn for a few hours. You’ll be given painkillers after the operation.

Patients whose skin has been stretched by lipedema can benefit from Surgical Needling. This type of tightening is a good solution for slightly pronounced findings. With the help of needling we can stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, so that the skin tightens further within six to twelve months.

After the treatment

Collagen fibres are an important component of solid connective tissue, but are less produced by the body with increasing age. Stimulation through the fine needles can revitalise smaller flaccid skin areas and can be carried out immediately in the course of a liposuction.

The effect of Surgical Needling is essentially based on the activation and subsequent natural process of the wound healing and regeneration mechanisms in the skin. Since certain creams with a particularly high proportion of vitamins and stem cells promote these mechanisms, a pre- and post-treatment of your skin over several months is an important component of the successful Surgical Needling treatment.

If the Surgical Needling is not sufficient to achieve the desired result, we can perform a laser treatment instead.