Living with lipedema

In addition to a list of self-help groups, we have compiled a series of tips on sports, nutrition and clothing for lipedema.

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After the diagnosis of lipedema, a new life begins for the majority of patients. Lymphatic drainage several times a week, searching for suitable clothing and the desire to find like-minded people now occupy patients daily. However, no matter how high the mountain may seen, you are not alone. On blogs, in forums and self-help groups, affected women are connecting with one another, sharing their experiences and knowledge. Advice and tips can help you to cope with everyday life with lipedema. There are also answers to the questions about the assumption of costs for a liposuction.

Self-help for lipedema patients

At som point anyone who lives with lipedema knows all the tips and tricks of living with it. Fortunately, there are many women who openly share their accumulated knowledge and make it available on blogs and information pages. We have put together some contact points and sources of inspiration for you.

Tips for lipedema

No matter whether sport, compression clothes or nutrition: there are many tips that can help you to deal with the disease lipedema confidently. A Mediterranean mixed diet can have a positive effect and aquafitness, for example, can lead to having fun with like-minded people.

No matter what’s on your mind: When it comes to lipedema, we are your specialists and are there to help and advise you. Give us a call and make an appointment – we look forward to hearing from you!