Tips for lipedema

Once you have been diagnosed with lipedema, a new life begins for you to some extent. In addition to the surgical removal of the altered subcutaneous fatty tissue, the wearing of compression underwear and sports activities are important cornerstones of the therapy. Both should accompany you from now on in your everyday life in order to get the symptoms under control as well as possible. The topics of lipedema nutrition and lipedema fashion also play a major role. The right clothing gives you more self-confidence and a calorie-conscious diet helps you to feel fitter and healthier.

Lipedema & Sports

Aqua fitness

Sport and exercise should play an important role in your life. Those who exert themselves physically do not only something for their figure, but above all also something for the mind through the release of endorphins. Sport can put us in high spirits and simply push cloudy thoughts aside. Water sports such as aqua gymnastics, aquaspinning or swimming are particularly recommended as lipedema sports. The increased pressure in the water results in natural compression, which is more even and more pleasant for many affected people than classical lymph drainage. The Aqua Fitness Club Munich has created lymphavital, an aqua fitness program especially for women with lipedema. In this way, you can power off among like-minded people and make new contacts at the same time.

Sabine Gralla from MUCinMotion

As an experienced fitness trainer and lipedema patient, I know how it feels to live with the disease and how important physical exercise is. An understanding of the disease, adapted training and motivation ensure that patients feel better, clear their heads and enjoy physical activity again. For me it is important that not only the affected regions receive attention, but that the whole body is trained – and preferably only with one’s own body weight.

→ You can find Ms. Gralla’s varied training program on MUCinMotion.

Sabine Gralla | Lipocura München

Lipedema nutrition

Although lipedema is definitely not caused by obesity, it can be a side effect of the disease. If you look for a healthy and balanced diet, you can do a lot for a beautiful figure and improve your well-being. Even if there are no specific dietary recommendations for lipedema patients, it is worthwhile to follow a few helpful tips.

Tipps gegen Lipödem | Mediterrane Mischkost

Tip 1

Prefer above all Mediterranean mixed food, which consists of fruit, vegetables, nuts, olive oil, legumes, fish and lean red meat. Moderate consumption of alcohol is also permitted.

Tipps gegen Lipödem | Verzicht auf Milchprodukte

Tip 2

In particular, avoid processed meat, refined carbohydrates and whole-fat dairy products.

Tipps gegen Lipödem | Omega-3 Fettsäuren verringern Entzündungen

Tip 3

Essential fatty acids such as omega-3 have a positive effect on inflammatory processes in the body as they reduce inflammation. You should therefore eat them regularly (e.g. in the form of fatty fish such as mackerel). Omega-3 fatty acids also reduce the risk of obesity and improve the body’s insulin response by stimulating leptin.

Tipps gegen Lipödem | Verzicht auf Omega-6 Fettsäuren

Tip 4

Some omega-6 fatty acids such as soy and safflower oil can promote inflammation and should be avoided.

Tipps gegen Lipödem | Verzicht auf Lebensmittel mit hohem glykämischen Index

Tip 5

Avoid foods with high glycemic index such as potatoes, rice, sugar and ground cereals. Weight reduction is easier with foods that have a low glycemic load.

Ketogenic diet for lipedema

Lipocura spoke with Marina Lommel from Foodpunk about ketogenic nutrition. All information and tips can be found in the interview.

Lipoedema: What to wear?

Many lipedema patients find it difficult to find something to wear. Generally you should pay attention to flowing and easily falling materials, which flatter your figure and feel good. Avoid tight-fitting clothing that cuts in and is uncomfortable. The young brand Luna Largo has specialized in lipedema fashion and especially in the production of trousers. DuoBoots from England manufactures custom-made boots and ankle boots, which you can order in your individual shaft width. The inventors not only produce shoes that fit every woman, but also incorporate current fashion trends into the designs.

Self-help groups are also a good source of inspiration for fashion tips, as people affected regularly exchange their experiences here.

The right fit is particularly important when it comes to compression underwear. The compression pressure must become weaker from hand or foot to the heart. If this is not the case, the edema at the end of the extremity (arms & legs) protrudes even more strongly. Wearing custom-made compression stockings regularly reduces swelling and, above all, should prevent edema from getting worse again.

Lipedema: FAQs

Lipoedema raises many questions for patients. How does the operation work? Can conservative therapy replace liposuction? When will I be fit again after the operation? Who’ll pay for it? We answer these and many other questions in our FAQs.