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Which health insurance company pays for liposuction in cases of lipedema?

Do you also wonder whether lipedema therapy is covered by your health insurance? Then you’re not alone. In fact, costs are a central issue when it comes to lipedema. As soon as the diagnosis is available, treatment begins. This includes regular lymphatic drainage and the preparation of compression clothes. Both are part of the conservative treatment of lipedema and the costs are usually covered by the health insurance. Unfortunately, when it comes to surgical treatment through liposuction, this is not always the case.

Until today, liposuction as a surgical treatment option for lipedema is not recognized by health insurance companies and is usually not paid for as a result. Those affected must therefore bear the costs of the procedure themselves. The range of these costs, cannot be generalised, as they always depend on the individual stage of the disease and the associated extent of the operation.

How do I finance a liposuction?

For those affected, liposuction is often the last resort, not only for aesthetic reasons. In addition to the associated psychological stress, caused by low self-esteem and shame, many patients also suffer from severe pain in their legs. Liposuction reduces pain and restores a harmonious body shape. Since the health insurance companies do not cover the costs of the operation, other financing options must be considered. This can be, for example, an affordable loan from a bank or an installment payment.


In extreme cases it can make sense to start an appeal for donations via crowdfunding or donation portals such as GoFundMe and Leetchi. You can then share it via social networks and draw attention to your concern. In both portals there are already several appeals for donations from Lipedema patients.


For many patients, liposuction is the only way to get rid of symptoms and to restore quality of life. As a rule, the statutory health insurance does not cover the costs of the operation. But there have already been cases that have been taken to court and finally decided in the interests of the patient. If you need a legal opinion, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to sit down with you and help you with words and deeds!

Lipedema therapy: Does health insurance pay for liposuction?

As a rule, health insurance companies do not cover the cost of liposuction for lipedema because they believe that the same results can be achieved with conservative therapy.