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Frequently asked questions

Please find the fol­lo­wing lipo­edema check­list and our frequently asked questions (FAQs) to cla­rify the most import­ant ques­ti­ons about lipo­edema. We are happy to ans­wer any fur­ther ques­ti­ons you may have by phone.

Conservative treatment

There are several possibilities for alleviating the strain somewhat without an operation. The following measures aim at counteracting fluid retention and stimulating lymph flow. This should help reduce the swellings in arms and legs and people concerned can regain a certain degree of mobility. In addition to respectable therapies, there are also drugs, however, that tend to cause more harm than good.

We would like to inform you about the current state of knowledge regarding common practices here.

  • Exercise therapy
  • Decongestive therapy
  • Dehydration with drugs
  • Diets – lipoedema and nutrition

Disadvantages common to all conservative treatment

As described in the guidelines of the Society for Phlebology, conservative treatment does not reduce the number of fat cells, but instead merely leads to decongestion due to an improved lymph flow. This means that patients can experience a short-term alleviation, and ideally the illness will not progress, but it does not promise long-term improvement.

As mentioned above, lipoedema is not a consequence of being massively overweight; thus, fat reduction cannot be enforced through strict diets. Liposuction, however, offers long-lasting results. With this procedure, the many fat cells can be drawn off by suction in a careful, gentle way with lasting effects. A lot of people concerned experience a new and more confident body sensation, wear short skirts and enjoy the summer in outdoor swimming pools.

Possible accompanying diseases

In some cases, the veins are also affected. Depending on the symptoms, it is important to determine whether in addition to lipoedema, there is also a lymphedema. In this case, protein-rich fluid from the lymph vessels seeps into the surrounding intercellular tissue spaces and causes even more swelling. Therefore, in any suspected cases, an examination of the veins should be conducted. Every case is evaluated individually by us and the necessary and the effective treatment will be determined in consultation with the patient.

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