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Liposuction for lipedema

Conservative treatments such as decongestion or exercise therapy usually only relieve symptoms temporarily. Lipedema liposuction, which is also recommended by the Society for Phlebology, can achieve lasting success. With this procedure, the many fat cells can be removed gently, gently and above all, sustainably. Many affected people experience a completely new and self-confident body feeling through liposuction, choosing wear short skirts and enjoying the summer in outdoor pools.

Information on lipedema surgery (liposuction)

Duration of operation2-3 hours
AnesthesiaGeneral anesthetic
Clinical stay1 overnight stay
Thread removalWe do not use threads
Aftercare6 weeks day and night compression girdle
Fit for socializingAfter one week
SportAfter 3 weeks
RisksSwelling, bruising, small scars

Since liposuction in the case of lipedema is generally not covered by the statutory health insurance, it is worth considering alternative financing options.

Mechanism of liposuction in lipedema patients

A gentle fine needle suction greatly reduces the fatty tissue. Depending on fat distribution, up to eight litres of fat can be aspirated in one operation under general anesthesia.

As a result, less water can be stored in the affected connective tissue and the overall tissue pressure decreases considerably. This, in turn, allows better removal of the lymphatic fluid and reduces the sensitivity of the smallest blood vessels. Usually the pressure pain is less pronounced after the operation pain has subsided. Aesthetic results can also be achieved with liposuction, with shape of the hips and legs being greatly improved by careful, and even, liposuction. You can finally wear long forgotten boots and trousers sizes again. Excess skin can be tightened by means of surgical needling or laser therapy or removed by a surgical leg lift.

The liposuction procedure

Liposuction for lipedema is performed by us using tumescent technique and the PAL method (power assisted liposuction or vibrational liposuction). Before liposuction can be performed, the tumescent solution must accumulate in the fat cells so that they can then be more easily aspirated using a blunt vibrating cannula equipped with a rapidly vibrating tip. The vibration causes the tissue to loosen up and the fat cells to be suctioned open. This method is extremely gentle to the lymph vessels and veins. Compared to the WAL method, considerably more fat cells can be aspirated and a better and more even result is achieved.

First, the areas to be aspirated are marked exactly on the skin. As soon as the anaesthetic starts to take effect, we make tiny incisions (0.5 to 1 cm), which are placed in such a way, so they are as inconspicuous as possible. Then we insert the cannula and inject the tumescent solution. The dissolved fat cells are now removed by suction. You will then be put on compression pants to prevent edema.

A liposuction under general anesthesia can remove much more fat than under local anesthesia. This applies in particular to operations in which the legs are to be treated completely and not, for example, in one session the outside of the thigh and in another the knee area. In addition, lipedema usually removes large amounts of fat, which is easier under general anesthesia. In addition, the local anaesthetic can be dispensed with, which would be harmful in large quantities. A very precise and aesthetically pleasing correction can be achieved by precise prior marking.

Post-op appearance

By destroying and removing the diseased fat cell conglum rate, the skin usually becomes visibly smoother. The lymph vessels are protected with the special procedure of fine needle suction with blunt cannulas in tumescent technique. The very fine punctures usually leave only small, inconspicuous scars and often an excess of skin withdraws easily after the treatment.

If it is nevertheless necessary to tighten the skin after liposuction, this can be done with the Surgical Needling or a special laser treatment.